About the DSRC

The first German SimRacing Champion will be announced after the six official races which start in August.


The first DMSB simracing series is launched. We look forward to exciting and fair races with you within Germany's highest motorsport rating.

The DSRC Organisation

The Nürburgring eSports team will host the DSRC for the next three years. Located on the most famous race track in the world, the team would like to offer you exciting and fair digital motorsport. Our goal is to establish SimRacing to a size in Germany.

DMSB SimRacing Championship

The first fully digital racing series with the approval of the German Motor Sport Federation is about to be launched. It will be held in a total of six events, both online and live. At the end of the series, the first German champion in SimRacing will be crowned as early as 2020. In addition to points and placings, the participants can look forward to attractive prize money, which will be distributed at each event. The six rounds will be held in the simulation iRacing on GT3 cars.

Qualification is in two stages and will start in mid-June with a three week Online Hotlap Challenge for everyone on the race track in Zandvoort. The fastest 90 participants can take part in the qualification races in July, where 30 participants each compete in shootout heats in direct race comparisons. The 60 fastest are then entitled to start in the DSRC. The qualification process also requires the acquisition of a SimRacing license via a mandatory e-learning.

There will be two split groups which will compete in two separate runs on each race day. Splits will be determind through a lone qualifying before each event.

DSRC Spring Cup

The DMSB SimRacing Championship (DSRC) started in April with three pilot races, called the DSRC Spring Cup. In addition to the opening race on the Imola circuit on 9th April, the schedule included races in Spa-Francorchamps on April 23rd and in Zandvoort on May 7th. While in the preliminary rounds GTE cars were used in the iRacing Simulation, in the actual championship season there will be GT3 cars.

A license requirement similar to the championship does not yet apply to the Spring Cup. The three winners of the races were rewarded with direct qualification for the DSRC, while the runners-up and third place finishers were granted advantages in qualifying for the new series.

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